Monday, April 28, 2014

Four Books to Read for Enlightenment

Achieve financial success, relationship success, and spiritual success

Business Secrets from the Bible:
Spiritual Success Strategies for Financial Abundance

By: Rabbi Daniel Lapin
ISBN: 978-1-118-74910-4
We’re bombarded by daily tsunamis of information.  Countless journals and newspapers, hundreds of television channels, and millions of websites on the Internet help us discover how to do almost anything.

So why does it remain so difficult to discover how to achieve financial success, relationship success, and spiritual success?

Bestselling author Rabbi Daniel Lapin offers a practical approach in his new book about being happier and more successful in your personal and professional life.

Rabbi Lapin provides readers with a colossal competitive edge by explaining, among many other insights, why making money is a spiritual activity and why God put us on Earth to do what we do best. But that is just the start. In this book, you will not only thrill to timeless truths but you will discover the stunningly simple strategies to put them into practice increasing your earnings. Whether or not you follow the Jewish faith, and regardless of your belief in the Bible, Business Secrets from the Bible will change the way you think about money, and help you make more of it.

Take control over your stress

Do you constantly feel as if there are not enough hours in the day? Are you constantly connected to a technologic communication leash? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Medical experts estimate that 75-90% of doctor visits are stress related!

So why is it so hard to slow down and pay attention to what's most important to us? From New York Times Bestselling author, Heidi Hanna teaches readers to go from exhaustion to energize.

5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Stress

By: Heidi Hanna
ISBN: 978-1-118-76602-6

Like any other stimulant to the brain, the impact of stress causes a release of chemicals that provide a surge of energy, which is initially helpful. The problem is, the human system is not designed to be in a chronic state of stress. What once was our greatest ally - our stress response - has become one of our greatest enemies.

Stressaholic: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Stress shows you how to win the war on stress without limiting progress by creating an optimal performance pulse of stress and recovery for life. It will show how a simple shift in mindset can dramatically alter physiological responses to stress and also reveal simple techniques for altering daily stress patterns to improve natural rhythms, creating a personalized performance pulse.

Become a millionaire by learning from millionaires

The Eventual Millionaire:
How Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur
and Successfully Grow Their Startup

By: Jaime Tardy with a Foreword by Dan Miller
ISBN: 978-1-118-67470-3
We all want to be successful and enjoy financial security, but we don’t know how, don’t think we can do it, or aren’t willing to sacrifice everything for it. There are many ways to become a millionaire, but research has often shown that creating your own business is one of the best ways to build wealth.

EventualMillionaire.com blogger Jaime Tardy provides insights into starting a business and establishing financial independence. In his new book, The Eventual Millionaire, brings the philosophy outlined in Think and Grow Rich to a new generation, laying the foundation for those looking to start their own business and work their way toward financial independence and a fulfilled life.

Throughout the pages of this book you will learn how to take control of your money and your lifestyle, find work about which you are passionate, overcome your fears and excuses, start a viable business on the right foot, and keep moving forward despite the obstacles that will inevitably arise. A highly regarded business coach who has interviewed over 120 millionaires, Tardy has used the insight she has gained from these successful professionals to create a resource that will teach you how to look at your work and your life from a new perspective—and how to achieve financial independence and happiness by doing work that you truly enjoy.

Make better decisions and achieve your goals

So often our schedules don’t allow us to put our 1st things 1st. We're stuck putting things off and not getting the results we want. How your current reality and quality of life is a direct result of the way you do these three simple things: the way you prioritize (make decisions), the way you plan and the way you execute the plan.

Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your
Stress, and Lead by Example

By: Steve McClatchy
ISBN: 978-1-118-55438-8
Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress, and Lead by Example will take you on a journey that will ultimately lead you to changing them. You will learn how to:
  • Make better decisions to get better results
  • Get more done in less time
  • End email addiction and stay focused
  • Keep a two minute interruption to two minutes
  • Use procrastination to your advantage
  • Get organized so you spend less time looking for what you need
  • Plan to save you time and reduce your stress
The book shows how to gain the skills, ideas and strategies necessary to overcome the challenges and complexities involved with achieving goals.

Cut through the complexities and excuses and start realizing real gains simply by changing the way you make decisions.



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